• Contact Center

    Assessment, Planning & Implementation
    of Advanced & Cost Effective
    Contact Centers

Deliver better customer experience

Evolved Contct's consulting services take a broad view of customer experience and often include recommendations regarding processes, telecommunications, hardware, mobile applications, CRM, and integration with your preferred technologies.

Solve Problems

Identify the problem. Find out why the problem exists. Find out how the problem impacts the customer. Generate possible solutions. Evaluate. Plan. Solve

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Culture & Staffing

Your culture is based on your values, your company’s vision, and your criteria for hiring into your call centre, managing and promoting employees.

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Understanding, reviewing and actioning your call centre reporting can help you to make informed decisions on improving your direct marketing strategy

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Learn how much a contact center can save you by improving agent productivity, reducing agent attrition, and increasing customer lifetime value.

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Find key contact center technologies that can help you efficiently manage customer interactions and call center agents.

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End-To-End Service

Evolved Contact services the full sprecrum of contact center creation, including reporting, technology, culture & staffing, assessment & implementation.

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